Scientific Validation: Our Proven Amplifier

Strong scientific evidence proves that Amplifier audio ads significantly activate positive emotions.

This study observed that by enhancing ad quality, a listener’s emotional balance triggered by an ad can switch brand perception from negative to positive.

Enhancing audio ad quality delivers a foundation to improve campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Example of Emotions Mapper Used in Study

Rather than solely relying on activating specific isolated brain areas, each mapper reflects the simultaneous activation of multiple brain areas through neural networks. These mappers are widely employed in fMRI research globally.


The thin, grey circle in the provided example represents the average person’s score with the average audio commercial (index). The black band signifies the range of mapper activation induced by the tested stimulus.


The thin white line within the band represents the average, while the width indicates the 95% confidence interval. When the coloured band does not overlap with the index line, a significant difference (at p < 0.05) from the average commercial is observed.

The Amplifier Neuro Test Analysis

The Amplifier Neuro Test analysis was conducted using MRI scans from 20 participants. These individuals were residents of the Netherlands, bilingual in Dutch and English, aged 20 years and above. They represented a cross-section of the Dutch population regarding gender, age, and educational background.


For the study, engineers randomly selected 16 ads from the platform’s programmatic demand, of which 8 were in English and 8 in Dutch.


Filenames of the ads were anonymised using a random 8-character string.


Then, two sets of those ads were prepared: non-enhanced (referred to as „flat”) and enhanced by Amplifier (following previously developed sound studio enhancing pattern for headphones).

Amplifier: The Scientific Evidence

Strong scientific evidence proves that by enhancing ad quality, emotional balance triggered by an enhanced ad can switch perception from negative to positive.


The spider chart shows how individual emotions were activated by listening to non-enhanced (marked by red) and Amplifier-enhanced ads (green). 


The enhanced ads show significant improvement in essential emotions such as Desire, Lust, Trust and when combined, a greater sense of Value. 


Noteworthy is the reduced activation of negative emotions by enhanced ads such as Danger or Disgust. The Attention metric is noted lower in enhanced ads as, for logical reasons, enhanced ads require less attention to be received, similar to an example of more attention needed to hear someone speaking quietly. 


The enhanced commercials, with lower negative emotion scores and significantly higher value, achieve higher effectiveness in activating behavioural intent. 


However, it’s important to note that since each ad had a different message and promoted various products or services, we can’t draw definitive conclusions about the specific intent (knowledge, attitude, or behaviour) since it’s tied to the campaign’s goals, which can range from building brand awareness to driving sales.


The graph shows how listening to non-enhanced (marked by red) and Amplifier-enhanced ads (green) activated three main emotion groups.

The chart displays the degree of positive engagement on the X-axis. The Y axis shows the ratio between negative and positive emotions triggered by listening to the ad. If the ratio is more negative than positive, the result was marked appropriately to the measurement below 0.


The further to the right and the higher the score (upper right quadrant), the better the ad score. 


The score quadrant indicates to what extent the behavioural intention is activated. The combined outcomes of all audio commercial measurements are shown on the graph. 


The non-enhanced ads are represented in red, while those enhanced by Amplifier are in green.

Amplifier: Elevating Audio Advertising

The Amplifier study carried out by Neurensics aimed to explore the theory that „enhanced audio quality in advertisements results in better response rates and evokes strong emotional connections”.


Sound quality significantly impacts both the conscious and subconscious experience of the message delivered by the audio ad itself.


Enhancing audio ad quality provides a foundation to improve campaign effectiveness and ROI. 

Research & Development Report

Access the detailed Amplifier report to explore its creation, market benchmarks, our sound laboratory efforts, and compelling evidence from neuroscience studies.

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