The Science of Sound: Neuromarketing Insights

Quality in advertising, encompassing content and format, is of utmost importance. We aimed to ascertain if enhanced audibility correlates with listener perception, potentially boosting advertiser ROI. 

We collaborated with Neurensics, experts in neuromarketing research, to investigate the subconscious responses of individuals exposed to audio ads.

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Quantifying Brain Responses to Enhanced Ads: MRI Methodologies

Neurensics employs fMRI, a non-invasive neuroimaging technique, to gauge stimulus appreciation by mapping and measuring human brain activity in real-time.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

fMRI is based on the principles of MRI. It uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed images of brain structure. These MRI images serve as a structural reference.

Functional Mapping

Functional Mapping As the person’s brain responds to the stimuli, the fMRI scanner detects changes in blood oxygenation levels. These changes are converted into images that show which parts of the brain are more or less active during the stimulus.

Blood Oxygenation Level-Dependent (BOLD) Signal

The critical innovation of fMRI is the ability to detect changes in blood oxygenation levels. When a specific brain area becomes more active, it requires more oxygen and blood flow.

Data Analysis

The collected data is then analysed to create functional maps of the brain, showing which regions are involved in specific cognitive functions, such as motor control, language processing, memory, or sensory perception.

Conscious and Unconscious Brain Responses

Neurensics, during the research, measures 13 emotions, such as desire, lust, value, and trust, but also negative emotions like fear, danger and disgust that lead to the evoked feeling that people feel and can report.


For Amplifier research, Neurensics measured by fMRI whole brain activation while participants listened to audio commercials. This activation comprises conscious but also unconscious responses to an advertisement.