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Amplifier, an unparalleled and exclusive technology from AdTonos, enhances the audibility of digital advertising across various audio channels, guaranteeing exceptional sound quality and increased engagement for every audio ad.

Double your ROI
on Digital Audio Advertising

Premium Audio Ad Quality Across All Devices

Amplifier enhances ad quality across various audio channels by utilising tailored presets for popular devices like smart speakers, earbuds, TVs, laptops, and mobiles.

Enhanced Sound Quality for Improved ROI

Amplifier transforms ad audio quality in real-time, generating outstanding sound experiences that stand out, grab attention and elevate brand recall and ROI.

Scientifically Verified Enhanced Audibility

Amplifier technology was verified by series of neuromarketing researches with the use of MRI scanner.

It proved that the way Amplifier enhances the sound, changes ad perception to positive.

Amplifier Research & Development Project

Innovation is our driving force

We’re dedicated to exploring new markets and ideas, aiming for unparalleled audibility. With a focus on innovation, simplicity, and transparency, we craft ads that resonate with impactful resonance and deliver significant ROI.

The Amplifier study by Neurensics aimed to explore the theory that „enhanced audio quality in advertisements results in better response rates and evokes strong emotional connections”.

Research & Development Project in partnership with:

The proprietary audibility measurement is benchmarked to results provided independently by

Amplifier is available at no extra CPM on all AdTonos inventory available directly or exclusively on open marketplace & PMP deals on Magnite

Explore our CEO Michal Marcinik’s video journey on building Amplifier and its ROI impact for digital audio buyers.

Amplifier: The Scientific Evidence

To get to the naked truth, a scientific evidence, AdTonos engaged with neuromarketing experts from Amsterdam based Neurensics. The company provides its scientific researchers for marketers and brands around the world, delivering a precise information on how brain reacts to different types and forms of advertising by the use of random test groups which are subject to MRI scans.


Amplifier research was the world’s frst approach to measure how enahncing the sound frequencies can evoke stronger positive emotions. 

The spider chart shows how individual emotions were activated by listening to non-enhanced (marked by red) and Amplifier-enhanced ads (green). 

The enhanced ads show significant improvement in essential emotions such as Desire, Lust, Trust and when combined, a greater sense of Value. 


Noteworthy is the reduced activation of negative emotions by enhanced ads such as Danger or Disgust. The Attention metric is noted lower in enhanced ads as, for logical reasons, enhanced ads require less attention to be received, similar to an example of more attention needed to hear someone speaking quietly.

Building and Functionality of the Amplifier

  • The project undertook a comprehensive analysis to benchmark market standard for measuring audibility.
  • It was followed by an in-depth examination of sound processing and measurement across four chosen devices.
  • Subsequently, a redefined concept of audibility was introduced for internal metrics, tailored to enchance edvertiser advantage.
  • Then the engeneering efforts were evaluated by scientific study through MRI scans led by world’s renowned institution.

Sophisticated Audibility Metrics

Enhancing ad audibility is crucial, accounting for 33% in GroupM and IAB studies alongside recall, brand awareness, and purchase intent. Amplifier ensures clear and distinct audio ads, validated independently by MOAT/Oracle.

Compatible with All Audio Channels

Amplifier improves ad quality across multiple audio channels and devices like smart speakers, earbuds, TVs, laptops, and mobiles. It dynamically elevates audio ad quality to align with the listener's device capabilities.

Real-Time Premium Sound Quality

Sound quality is essential for the perception of audio ad messages. With advanced sound technology, Amplifier revolutionizes ad audio quality, creating engaging experiences that boost brand recall instantly.

Scientific Study and Empirical Proof

Research shows that Amplifier-enhanced ad quality can shift emotional perception from negative to positive, significantly activating positive emotions in audio ads, leading to increased campaign effectiveness and improved ROI.

Research & Development Report

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    Elevating Audio Advertising

    Advertisers prioritise audibility in digital audio ads to ensure effective message delivery. Sound quality enhances the overall ad experience, impacting campaign effectiveness and ROI. With Amplifier, we guarantee superior real-time sound quality across all inventories, from podcast, radio and music streaming to mobile gaming, ensuring an unmatched listening experience on popular devices.

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