Audio ad quality that sells: where audibility meets ROI

The Amplifier study conducted by Neurensics aimed to investigate whether “enhanced audio quality in advertisements leads to improved response rates and fosters strong emotional connections.”

Audio quality profoundly influences the conscious and subconscious perception of the message conveyed by the audio ad. Enhancing the quality of audio ads establishes a groundwork for improving campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Empowering brands in audio advertising campaigns

We specialise in digital audio advertising, empowering brands’ expansion & storytelling. Our exclusive technology ensures premium quality and targeted ads for impactful campaigns.

Premium Ad Quality

Outstanding audio ad quality across various devices (desktop, mobile, smart speaker) and audibility measurements thanks to Amplifier's cutting-edge, AI-powered proprietary technology.

Unique Ad Formats

Quality is enhanced in all audio advertising formats by Amplifier and is available on one platform (podcast, radio and music streaming, audible articles, audiobooks, DOOH, CTV).

Targeted Reach

Audio advertising which reaches the audience at the right moment and place.

Expansion of Audience

Audio campaigns connect brands with new audiences and expand reach effectively.

Meaningful Interaction

Engagement and interactions between brands and consumers through engaging and interactive ads and impactful audio channels.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Reasonable CPMs ensure a cost-effective marketing approach.

Result-Oriented Strategies

Tracking and real-time measurements for enhanced campaign performance.

Audio Storytelling Support

Assist brands in excelling in audio storytelling and engaging audiences effectively.

Our Approach

  • Data-Powered Insights and Campaign Tracking
    Real-time campaign monitoring and reports.
  • AI-Powered Innovations
    Proprietary AI solutions like Amplifier™, Twilight™, Daylight™ and YoursTruly™.
  • Brand Safety
    Continuous inventory scanning for brand protection.

Why Us?

  • Audio Ad Expertise
    Proficient in innovative strategies
  • Tech-Savvy Team
    Audio tech innovators offering cutting-edge solutions.
  • Managed Services
    We’ll help create your audio ad and set up your campaign.

Additionally, you can opt for direct self-service or
programmatic buying on the platform.

Some of the brands we cooperate with

Partner with us for amplified brand messaging across the audio channel, delivering engagement, innovation, and success in your audio campaign.